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Let me help you!

I'm a coding junkie willing to share my experience in terms of writing clean and testable code.

If you or your company does or would like to do any of those concepts to the left just contact me and let's have a chat about it!

If you want to I can give a talk at your office about either of those subjects too!


Career milestones

First commercial project created during studies. I co-authored the b-link project. The software created for the disabled people allows you to control your computer by blinking your eyes.
Created the Business Rule Management with Drools DZone Refcard together with Mario Fusco.
I co-organize and was an event host at Warsaw Groovy User Group. Gave talks: flashtalk about XMLs and AST transformations.
In Groovy core version 2.3.0 the @Builder AST transformation was released. I'm the co-author of that solution.
My largest book so far (284 pages), also about Mockito, called Mockito Cookbook by Packt Publishing. It contains over 65 recipes to get you up and running with unit testing using Mockito.
First I helped organizing and delivered tools for the Warsaw Microhackathon. Next I organized Microservice Hackathon at Warsjawa conference. Then I held the 4finance Microservice Hackathon. Alltogether there were like about a 100 people on all of them. As you can see I like microservices and hackathons :)
I'm the author of the blog where I post about the most interesting programming related things that I've seen. Or at least those that most likely I would have forgotten about ;)
Wrote my first 66 page book about Mockito entitled Mockito Instant by Packt Publishing.
I'm the co-author of the Uptodate Gradle plugin that tells you what libs have new versions on Maven Central / jCenter, so when you come back to a project, you know what you can update.
During an r&d at 4finance I created the Spock Subject-Collaborator extension (a port of the Mockito's @InjectMocks functionality).
At 4finance I lead a team that has been developing open source solutions for the microservice approach. I'm the co-author of the micro-infra-spring project.
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About me

Marcin Grzejszczak
Enthusiast of clean coding and good design. A member of the Most Valuable Blogger program at DZone and Java Code Geeks. Contributor to several open source projects including Drools, Moco (author of the gmoco solution), Mockito. Co-author of the Groovy @Builder and ExternalStrategyBuilder in Groovy core (Groovy 2.3.0). Author of Uptodate Gradle plugin and Spock subjects-collaborators extension open source projects. Enthusiast of JVM based languages like Groovy and Scala. Co-founder of the Warsaw Groovy User Group. Interested in working with the newest technologies and JVM languages, XP-driven with continuous deployment and most preferably microservice architecture.


How to get in touch?

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